The Retake Roadmap: How to Bounce Back After Failing the CPA Exam

This is my score release after taking audit the first time. CLEARLY I failed — partly because I didn’t study that hard. I had just passed FAR and felt like if I could pass FAR with minimal effort I could do the same with audit.

Seeing FAIL on my score release left me so defeated! When you fail the CPA exam it can be tough, almost impossible to keep going. To work so hard and invest so much time only to get that FAIL on day.

The Course gives you the support and guidance you need to pick up and keep going. I failed the CPA exam many times — but I learned something about myself each time.

Use this fail as an opportunity to come back even better and stronger than you were before.

Originally published at on March 27, 2021.

Accounting Executive | CPA Exam Coach | Podcaster | Writer

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