Mindset is EVERYTHING.


We can want something so bad, go after it, but never finish the race because we’ve allowed negative thoughts to get in the way.⠀

A negative mindset makes you feel unworthy, fearful, and incapable. It allows opportunities to pass you by. It manifests as self-destruction in other ways like poor eating habits, laziness, and mental stress. ⠀

A positive mindset reminds you to keep going and celebrate ALL of your wins — big or small. It reminds you that you’ve earned that seat at the table. It inspires you to work harder when recognize you’re not where you want to be. ⠀

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Tune into your mindset. Are you speaking life or detriment into existence?

Originally published at https://www.nikkwinstoncpa.com on September 17, 2020.



Nikki Winston, CPA

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